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The spirit of enterprise: integrity, unity, pragmatic and dedication.
Honesty: the perspective from the company as a whole, the integrity of the Company on behalf of the public image of corporate social, customers, employees shown on the public image of the sincere, trustworthy; integrity also represents a responsibility for the maintenance of the company in good faith and credible public image, we must use quality products and services, the words and deeds as good as gold to enrich, improve, enhance the overall sincerity and credibility. From the perspective of individual employees, the integrity of the company's ethical requirements of each employee, requiring the company to treat each employee company, towards work, towards colleagues, deal with the public must talk about integrity, honesty and credibility to win other people's words and deeds respect and trust.
Unity: Unity is strength, is the fundamental guarantee to do all the work. "Unity of productivity, unity out of cohesion, unity and out of combat." For individuals, between individuals with the assistance of unity is, to abandon the idea of individual heroism, and enhance team spirit; of the company, uniting the performance of everyone in the company's corporate sense of honor and responsibility, I am proud of the company Company honor because of me, "solidarity, metal and stone", with each of us the responsibility and wisdom, sincerity and confidence, honor and passion cast a strong fighting team, we can overcome any difficulties on the road ahead, courageously advance toward our goal.
Pragmatic: "Services" means engaging in a job, "real" is realistic, pragmatic approach is to do a good job each. Large to the company's production, management, construction and development, any aspect of business decisions and actions must be based on actual work to do down to earth, real talk, real work, seek practical results. Resolutely put an end to artificial and exaggerated, flashy, and resolutely put an end to fame, playing to the gallery; small to every post, every one of their daily work, must do a solid, stand the test. Only a pragmatic, can at all times keep a clear head, not only see the results, they see less than ever to stay positive and innovative spirit; only practical, the company and each employee can be in the complicated internal and external environment, accurate positioning and thus have a clear goal to pursue, obtain venture officers unlimited power.
Dedication: Dedication, to pay a voluntary act in good faith, is a pure and lofty spiritual realm; offer both a noble sentiment, but also a remarkable spirit; not only contains the sublime, but also contains different levels . Our employees fulfill their duties in their own posts, dedication, perseverance, hard, is a dedication. For most people, the dedication is day after day, year after year position dedicated devotion. Professionalism is the basis of dedication, the music industry is the premise of dedication, diligence and dedication of industry is fundamental. Of course, not the personal interests of emphasizing the dedication of the negative, but the emphasis on personal interests and the interests of the company's organic unity. As the company itself should pay attention to and legal protection of the legitimate interests of individuals. Promote dedication, is to guide employees in achieving personal interests, safeguard and guarantee the interests of the company and development in ensuring the legitimate interests of individuals, based on the realization of promoting business interests.
Business philosophy:
Customer: customer satisfaction and success is an important measure of our performance benchmark.
Staff: are our most important asset, staff quality and raising the level of expertise is the growth of corporate wealth, employee welfare and standard of living is a concrete manifestation of the operating results of innovation: lack of innovation, only mediocre survival.
Competition: lightning-fast sword-like cutting edge, tsunami-like force.
Market: Find, explore the most suitable for our market, and strive to achieve the highest share of management: listening, emotional communication, more friendship, more communication!
Products: the birth of the market, the market and production for the market and innovation, created for the market.
Services: sincerely touched by everyone, persistence conquer every heart,
Cooperation: Multiple cooperative friend, less a rival, more than the sincere friendship, sincerity from me;
Management objectives: orderly orderly strict and efficient - is to regulate the duties of each position, standardized work of the staff, to regulate the operation of the procedures to achieve the smooth flow of work, in order.
Rigorous and efficient - is to ask each employee for their job seriously, strict requirements, so as to improve efficiency, aims to improve the quality of economic policy of the company: to seek satisfaction with the quality requirements and reduce costs to seek extension of the market quality: the focus reflects the company's products attaches great importance to the quality and the top management's commitment to meeting customer requirements, through the management and technical continuous continuous improvement to ensure that customers using the process of elastic stability, continue in force and other quality characteristics.
Reduce costs: in the "seeking quality", based on the efficient operation through the system, continue to lower the manufacturing process waste and continuous improvement process, control the links, and lower cost of various types, the most bottom price to provide the best products.
Demand satisfaction: reflect the company "to customers as the center for the sake of the customer" philosophy, through scientific management, stable quality, reasonable prices, dedicated service to obtain the ultimate satisfaction.
Extension of the market: in the "seeking quality, reduce costs, to satisfy" the basis of constantly opening up new markets, seek greater living space

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